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Agricultural & Grain Seed Processing Machineries

Corn Grinding Mill , Mini Modren Rice Mill, Maize Sheller, Rice Hullers with and without Polisher, Impact Hullers, Maize Hullers, Mini Dal Mill, Pulses Dehusking Machine, Destoner, Cardomom Drier, Groundnut (Peanut) Processing Machineries: Groundnut (Peanut) Decorticators (Pedal Operated, Hand Operated, Power Operated), Giant Mobile Groundnut (Peanut) Decorticator, Groundnut (Peanut) Thresher (Mobile), Peanut (Groundnut), Grader, Peanut (Groundnut) Skin Peeling Machine, Peanut (Groundnut) Sugar Coating Machine, Peanut (Groundnut) Masala Coating Machine, Grader: Dal Grader, Rice Grader,Gravity Separator, Fine Cleaner - Clean-O-Grader, Pre-with Aspiration System, Peanut (Groundnut) Grader, Cleaner cum Grader, Roasters, Continuous Roasting Type, Mobile Multi Crop Thresher (GIANT), Multi crop Thresher (Mobile), Mobile Sunflower Thresher, Rotary Paddy Thresher (pedal opeartor), Mini Paddy Thresher (Mobile), Power operated Paddy Thresher , Paddy Thresher (Hand Operated), Sugar Cane Harverster , 8 Row Rice Transplanter .......

All the above machineries Designs and specifications given below are subject to change with out notice.

"BOSS" Corn Grinding Mills
1A and 2A Corn Grinding Mills

Suitable to Grind Rice,Wheat, Maize, Spices, Cocoa, Coffee, Barley, Sorghum, Cereals, Millet etc.,

Available Models and Capacities
1A (10")
For Grinding of Dry materials such as wheat, Barley, Beans, Spices, Rice Cocoa, Coffee 400 Lbs P/Hr

For Grinding of Wet and Dry materials Maize, Sorghum, Millet, Cassava and etc., 250 to 300Lbs P/Hr

Req.HP: 6HP Engine Or 7.5 HP Motor

2A (12") - Corn Mill

For Grinding of Dry materials such as wheat, Barley, Beans, Spices, Rice Cocoa, Coffee 600 Lbs P/Hr

For Grinding of Wet and Dry materials Maize, Sorghum, Millet, Cassava and etc., 300 to 400Lbs P/Hr

Req. HP: 8 HP Engine Or 10 HP Motor

NOTE: More than 40 types of Grinding Mills are availiable to Grind soft to medium to Hard Materials

(View Other Models)


Corn Grinding Mills

2A (12") Corn Mill
Mini Modren Rice Mill

Single Sheller


Single Pass Mini Modern Rice Mill -Single Sheller

Available Capacity: 500kgs P/Hr

Req.HP: 10 HP

Single Pass Mini Modern Rice Mill - Double Sheller

Available Capacity:
600kgs P/Hr

Req.HP: 15HP

Single Pass Modern Rice Mill

Available Capacity: 1Ton

Req.HP: 22.5HP

AGS - MRM - 500
Double Sheller
AGS - MRM - 600
Single Pass Modern Rice Mill
AGS - MRM - 1000
"BOSS" Maize Sheller

This machine separates the kernels from the cobs with an amazing speed without any breakage of the kernels as well as cobs

Suitabale to remove the maize kernals from the Maize Cobs

Available Capacities :
400 - 600kgs, 750 - 1000kgs,
1000 - 1200kgs & 1800 - 2000kgs

Req.HP: 1.95, 1.95 3.4 & 6HP

Maize Sheller
"BOSS" Hullers

Rice Huller with Polisher


Rice Huller with Polisher: No.1 & No.7 (AGS - RHWP)

our Rice Hullers are suitable to shellout the husk from the rice and our Polisher will whiten the rice in one operation

for No.1: 500 / 650lbs of Polished Rice from Paddy
for No.7: 300 / 450lbs of Polished Rice from Paddy

Req.HP: 16 & 12HP respectively

Rice Huller with out polisher No.2 , 4 and 8

Our Rice Hullers are suitable to shellout the husk from the rice

for No.2: 500 / 650 lbs of Rice from Paddy
for No.4: 80 / 100 lbs of Rice from paddy
for No.8: 300 / 450 lbs of Rice from Paddy

Req.HP: 15 , 5 & 12 HP respectively

Impact Huller

To remove the cover / Hulls from seeds like
Sunflower, Neem Seed, Palm Nuts, Safflower etc.,

Maize Hullers (AGS - MH)

Suitable to de-germ the maize (Corn)

Available capacities:
60kgs, 75 - 90kgs, 300 - 500kgs, 460 - 600kgs P/Hr

Req.HP: 3.5 tp 16HP

R.H with polisher -AGS - RHWP
Maize Hullers
Mazie Huller - AGS - MH
"BOSS" Mini Dal Mill (Compact)
This compact unit is very Economically priced.
Recovery of Brokens – 1% to 3%
Recovery of Hed Pulses: 78% to 80%
Suitable for Dehusks & Splits all pulses including MOONG ( Green Grams ) 98% to 100%
Automatic arrangements of collection the following in separate containers and bags.
* Dehuksed & Split Pulses. * Un-dehusked Pulses. * Brokens. * Husk
Dehusking and Spliting of Pre-conditioned Pulses per hour: 60 to 150Kgs Per Hour
( Approximately and depending upon the kinds of Pulses.)
"BOSS" Mini Dal Mill

Semi Automatic Mini Dal Mill

Dehusking and Splitting of Pre-Conditioned Pulses of Bengil Gram, Bokla, Soya Bean, Pigeon Pea, Lentil, Black Gram & Grenn Gream etc.,

1. Recovery of Head Pulses 78% to 80%
2. Recovery of Brokens 1% to 3%
3. - Dehusks and splites almost all pulses 98% to 100%
4. Retains proteins and Naturals shine
a .
Dehusked and Splite pulses
b . Un- Dehusked pluses
c . Brokens
d . Husk

Dehusking of Pre-Conditioned pulses Per Hour.

Production Capacity:
from 60kgs to 150kgs Per Hour (Depends upon the above Materials)


Mini Dal Mill
"BOSS" Pulses Dehusking Machine(Hand Operated)
Pulses Dehusking

Dehusks & Splits almost all Pulses including Moong (Green Grams) etc., Such as Bengal Gram, Soya Bean, Pigeon Pea, Lentil, Black Gram, Green Gram etc.,

Dehusking and Splitting of Pre-Conditioned Pulses Per Hour.

Production Capacity :
25kgs to 60kgs Per Hour.(Depends Upon the above Materials).

Pulses Dehusking Machine (H.O)
"BOSS" Destoner

Suitable for Clean the materials such as Grains Beans, oilseed, Cashews, Almonds, Corn, Pepper, Pulses, Cereals, Veg.seed, Coffee Beans, Sunflower, Soya been, Groundnut, Palm Kernel, Rice Wheat, Maize etc.,

Available Capacities: 400Kgs to 4,000kgs Per Hour.

Available Models:5
Req.HP:1 to 7.5 HP

"BOSS" Drier
Kardi Drier

We are manufacturing various Types & Capacity of
Capacities: 500Kgs, 750Kgs & 1000Kgs Per Hour.

"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator (Hand Pressure Type)
Suitable for remove the Husk and Kernels.
Capacity: 30 to 60Kgs Per hour
( Approx )


"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator- Hand Operated
Suitable for remove the Husk and Kernels.
Capacity: 30 to 60Kgs & 100 to 125Kgs Per hour ( Approx )


"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator (Pedal Operated)

Groundnut Decorticator
(Pedal Operated) (

Available Capacities: Approx. 75kgs Per Hour (Depending upon the man power)

Suitable to remove the Groundnut kernels from the outer shell (Husk).





GND - Pedal Operated
"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator - Without Shaker
Decorticator without Shaker with Electric Motor.
Suitable for remove the Husk & Kernels separately.
Capacity: 100 to 125 kgs, 250 to 300Kgs & 600 to 650Kgs Per hour
( Approx )
Req.Hp: 1, 2 & 5 HP respectively.


"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator - With Shaker
Mobile Decorticator

Mobile Groundnut Decorticator with Shaker (Power Operated)

Decorticator with Shaker with Electric Motor.
Suitable for remove the Husk & Two sizes of Kernels separately.
Req.Hp: 2 HP Single Phase Electric Motor.
Capacity: 250 to 300 Kgs Per hour
( Approx )

"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator - With Shaker (Heavy Duty)
Decorticator without Shaker with Electric Motor.
Suitable for remove the Husk & Kernels separately.
Capacity: 100 to 125 kgs,
250 to 300Kgs & 600 to 650Kgs
Per hour ( Approx )
Req.Hp: 1, 2 & 5 HP respectively.


"BOSS" Groundnut Decorticator - With Blower (Heavy Duty)
Suitable for Remove the Husk and Kernels separately.
Very Much Ideal for Blowout the Husk from
50 to 75’, 50 to 100’, 75 to 100’ &
100 to 150’
Available Capacities: 160 to 240Kgs,800 to 1000Kgs, 1600 to 2000Kgs
& 2400 to 3200Kgs Per Hour ( Approx )
Req.HP: 2,10,20 & 25HP Respectively.


Groundnut Decorticator and Groundnut Thresher

Giant Mobile Groundnut Decorticator

Can be Towed by Tractor and run by using P.T.O. Shaft. Ideal to take into the field itself for Decortications.

Available Capacity : 1000kgs Per Hour.

Req.HP: 10 HP

Ideal to use at the place of harvest

Suitable to remove the Groundnut kernels from the outer shell (Husk).

Ground Thresher (Mobile)

Ideally Suitable for Cleans and separate the Groundnut from mud, Stone, Straws

Available Capacities:

8 to 10 bags P/Hr & 10 to 14 bags P/Hr

8 to 10 HP

Giant Decorticator
Ground Thresher (Mobile)


Peanut Grader


Peanut Grader

Suitable for Grading out 3 sizes of Groundnut Kernels separately.

Capacity: 1,000Kgs & 2000 to 3000Kgs Per Hour ( Approx )

Peanut Grader AGS - PG - 500
Suitable for Grading out 3 sizes of Peanut ( Groundnut Kernels ) effective and Efficiently.

Also you can use this grader for grading other material by changing the sieve.

Suitable for remove the skin from the Roasted Peanut Effectively and Efficiently.

Req.HP: 0.5HP

Available Capacities: 80 Kgs. & 240Kgs Per Hour.


"BOSS" Graders, Cleaner cum Grader

Cleaner Cum Grader



Dal Grader

Suitable to separator Dal 3 grades or 3 sizes

Rice Grader

100 % suitable to separator Rice and Broken Rice Separately

Gravity Separator-

Pressure Type with Open Deck or Vacuum Type
with totally closed deck for dust free separation of same produt size heavy stons from cleaned material recived from pre-cleaner / clean - O- Grader

Available Sizes:
Pressure Type: 500, 1200, 2000, 3000 and 5000kgs P/Hr
Vacuum Type: 500, 1200, 2000, 3000, and 5000kgs P/Hr

Fine Cleanear - clean-O- Grader with Pre and post aspiration system

for fine cleaning and Grading of Seeds - mainly used for Spice Seeds, Fennel etc., Pulses, Grains, Seeds etc.,

Available Capacities: 500 to 1000, 800 to 1200, 1000 to 1500 & 1500 to 200kgs P/Hr

Pre-cleaner- with Aspiration system:

for pre-cleaing of rew materials before silo storage, mainly used for oil seeds like Soya Bean, Palm nuts, Groundnuts, Neem Seed etc.,

Peanut Grader

Suitable to seperate the kernels sizewise

Available Capacity: 500 Kgs Per Hour

Cleaner cum Grader

Suitable to Pullses Grinds such as Rice, Wheat, Basin, Detergent etc.,

Dal Grader
Rice Grader
Rice Grader
This latest model in the list of Roasters has been specially designed to combine all the aspects and overcome any technical difficulty that may arise in the trade.
This Model eliminates physical fatique on the part of the Operator.
Suitable for Roasting different kinds of material, Gram, Coffee, Nuts, Masala etc.,
Operated either by Hand or Power and Heated by Either Charcoal or Electricity.
Fuel: Charcoal / Electric / LPG
Drum Driven By: Manual / Electric Motor1 HP & 2HP respectively.
Drum Capacity: 15Kgs & 25Kgs


"BOSS" Roasters

Available Capacities: 15, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 125, 200, & 600kgs Per Hour.

Type 1: Batch type

Suitable for Peanut, Paddy, Coffee Bean, Chicory, Wheat, Dal, Raw Grains, Spices,Cashewnut, Corriander, Rice Floor, Chillies, Suparies

Available Models: Hand Driven, Charcoal Fired, Electric.

Available Capacities:

Hand Driven: 7, 15, 25 Kgs Per Hr.

Electric Driven: 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 50, 60, 80, 125, 150, 200 and 600 Kgs Per Hr.

Type 2: Continuous Roasting type for Paddy.

Available Capacities: 100 to 2500Kgs Per Hour.

Suitable for Paddy, Nuts, Seeds, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Wheat Floor, Tamarind Seeds, Cereals etc.,

Req.HP: 13 HP to 45 HP




"BOSS" Mini Roasters
This Mini Roaster is generally used to parch and Roast Grains, Cereals and Nuts.
However it also widely used to remove the moisture content of the grains as well.
Since the Roaster is specially used only for Roasting Purposes.
Suitable for Roasting of Fried Gram, Poha, Tamarind Seed, Energy Food, Puffed Rice,
Peanut, Peas, Soya Beans etc
Fuel: Furnace Oil / Diesel / Paddy Husk / Charcoal / Firwood etc.,

Capacities: 200 to 300Kgs, 400 to 600Kgs,1000 to 1200Kgs Per Hour
( Approx )


Sample Hulling of Dry Cherry is done using of this Huller to determine the
coffee Bean Yield.
Depending on input characteristics. Both Manual and Motorised versions of the
Hullers are available.

Capacities: 15 & 25 Kgs/Hr. (Approx).


Sample peeling can be carried out using this Smout Peeler-Polisher. It could also be used to determine the yield of Coffee Bean from the parchment form.

Capacities: 10 -15 Kgs/Hr. (Approx).


Are used to analyse various grades in a samples of Coffee material collected either from the grader or from the Lot. Different Mesh of Sieve can be supplied according to the Input & Out Put size of the material.


These BOSS Pulpers are designed to cater to the needs of very small farmers, who have a need for small hand operated equipment in an environment where there is no electricity and basic infrastructural facilities are available. This small Pulpers, in view of their light weight, are mobile and can be erected and operated with very little help or expertise.
Available Capacity : Drum Pulper- 100Kgs Per Hour ( Approx )
Mini Pulper – 400Kgs Per Hour ( Approx )


"BOSS" Threshers
Mobile Multi Crop Thresher  

Mobile Multi Crop Thresher (GIANT)

Suitable to Thresh Wheat, Paddy, Sunflower, Maize, Dal, Corriander, Soya etc.,

Threshing Capacity: 2,250 to 2750kgs Per Hour.
Tractor driven option is also available by using PTO Shaft.

Mobile Multi Crop Thresher (Giant)

Multi crop Thresher (Mobile)

Suitable to Thresh Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Soya Bean, Sunflower, Channa, Ragi etc.,

Available Capacities: 1000kgs to 1700kgs Per Hour

Other Models

Mobile Sunflower Thresher

Threshing Capacity 500 to 750kgs per Hour even with moispure of 27%.

Rotary Paddy Thresher (pedal operated)

Available Capacities: 100kgs to 200kgs Per Hour

Sutiable to thresh , paddy, Ragi, Wheat, Grams.

Mini Paddy Thresher (Mobile)

Available Capacities: 400kgs to 500kgs Per Hour

Power operated Paddy Thresher

Available Capacities: 800kgs to 1200kgs Per Hour

Paddy Thresher (Hand Operated)

Threshing capacity 100 t0 150kgs Per Hour

sutiable to Thrash Paddy, Ragi, Millet, Wheat and Grams etc.,

Sugar Cane Harverster

Suitable to Haravest upto75 tonnes in Optinmum contition Piles upto 6 rowers of cane in one heap


Multi crop Thresher

Multi Crop Thresher (Mobile)
Paddy Thresher
Paddy Thresher ( PDL)
Multi Crop Mobile Multi Crop Thresher
Multi Crop Mobile Multi Crop Thresher
Multi Crop Mobile Multi Crop Thresher
"BOSS" 8 Rows Rice Transplanter
Row Rice Transplanter  
8 Row Rice Transplanter

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