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Bakery & Confectionery Equipments

Bread Slicers(Bread, Rusk, Cake): Gravity Feed Bread Slicer, Lever Operated Bread Slicer, Conveyor Bread Slicer, Table Model Bread Slicer, Planetory Mixer, Dough Kneading Machine, Sugar Grinder, Dough Rounders, Bun Slicer, Spray Gun with Compressor, Chocolate Making Machine

All the above machineries Designs and specifications given below are subject to change with out notice.

 "BOSS" Bread Slicers

Gravity Feed Bread Slicer (Heavy duty - Table top model)


-Bread Guides are easily adjustable according to the bread size.

-Mechanically adjustable pressure pad according to the bread height.

-Blades are mounted under balanced tension. thus replacement is made easy

-All Contact parts are made of SS304 - S.Steel

Available Capacity: 500 loaves P/Hr.

Lever Operated Bread Slicer Model Handomat FS 380


-Effortless Lever Operated pusher with smooth start and positive feed through the blades

-Locking type pressure pad having adjustable provision to accomodate different loaf height

Available Capacity: 750 Loaves P/Hr.

Conveyor Bread Slicer Model CBS-520

This conveyor type bread slicer is suitable for high operational perfomance, that slices all types of breads

Salient Features

-Most Suitable for continuous Production

-Series of Loaves (single, Double, Triple) can be accomodated in its conveyor width

-Blades are mounted under balanced tension, thus replacement made easy

-Top conveyor can be adjusted easily with the help of top handle

-All contact parts are made of SS304

-Production capacity 1500 loaves P/Hr.

Table Model Bread Slicer (Bread, Cake, Rusk)


-Best Suitable for small Bakery Outlets, Five Star Hotels and Bakery training institutions

-Compact Size

-Noiseless Operation

-Available in 9mm and 12mm Slice thickness

-Can Slice Breads from 200gms to 2500gms of Jumbo Bread



Gravity Feed (Table Model)
Lever Operated Model
Conveyor Model

Table Model (for Bread, Cake, Rusk)
 "BOSS" Planetory Mixer


Three Speed Planetory Mixer

Salient Features:

-An Unique and sturdy planetory mixer for bakers exact need

-Three speed planetory mixer with unique Gear changing system

-Uniform mixing in all the times with the help of timer

-Machine comes with three mixing tools

-The one machine can do Kneading, mixing and whipping

Available Capacities:
5, 10, 20, 35 & 50 kgs P/Hr

Planetory Mixer
 "BOSS" Dough Kneading Machine

Suitable for kneading of dough (Atta, Maida, Besan Mixing)

- Conventional Rotary type dough kneader

- Fitted with non-detachable moving bowl, Arm dought separating kinfe in Stainless steel

Available capacities:
3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 & 150 Kgs P/Hr

Ideal for Hotels, Bakerys, Food Processing industries

Dough Kneading Machine
 "BOSS" Sugar Grinder


Suitable for Bakeries/Units using for pure Powdered Sugar

Available Capacities: 10, 20, 30 , 50, 60, 90, 130 kgs P/Hr.

Ideal for Use it in Bakery & Confectioneries, Hotels, Food Processing Industries

 Sugar Grinder
 "BOSS" Dough Rounders

Dough Rounder (Umbrella Type)

-Suitable for Rounding of any kind of dough from 200gms to 900gms

-Umbrella type conical design for best results with floor dusting attachment

Available Capacity: 1800 to 2700 Loves P/Hr.

Dough Rounder (Inverted type)

-Suitable for rounding for all types of Dough for buns, Rusk, Breads

Available Sizes: 40 to 200gms and 250 to 900gms

Available Capacity: 1800 to 2700 Loves P/Hr.

Umbrella Type
Inverted Type
 "BOSS" Bun Slicer

Bun Slicer

-Can cut a bun/burger/Hot Dog exactly from middle or any size from top to bottom

-Can also cut a Hinged Bun

Bun Slicer
 "BOSS" Spray Gun with Compressor

Spray Gun - Portable, Light Weight, Complete with Air Brush, Compressor, Regulator, Flexible tube for operation on 220 Volt 50 Cycle A.C

This handy compressor is very much ideal for decorating the Brithday Cakes

Ideal to use in Bakeries

Spray Gun (portable)
 "BOSS" Chocolate Making Machine

Chocolate Making Machines have been designed to Melt, Temper and Mould Chocolates.

All types of chocolates - Pralines, Bars, Slabs, Hollow figures etc., can be easliy be produced on these machines

This machine is equipped with a food grade revolving wheel as well as an electronic temperature controller cum indicatored ensuring that the chocolate is in a constant state of temper, allowing the user to concentrate on the CREATIVE SIDE OF CHOCOLATE MAKING

Chocolate Making Machine

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