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1A & 2A Corn Grinding Mill, No.1 & No.7 Rice Huller with Polisher, Hor. Sugarcane Crusher, Mobile Egg Incubator(Kerosene Operated), Potatoe Wafer Manufacturing Machine, Aerated Water Manufacturing Machine, Soft Drinks Manufacturing Machine, Vermicelli Making Machine, Chinese Noodle Making Machine, Mini Oil mill plant, Candle Making Machine, 2 in 1 Toilet & Detergent Soap Making Machine, Arica Leaf Plate Making Machine, Manual Operated Concrete Block Making Machine, Tilting Gas Heated Pan, Hand Driven Roaster.

All the above machineries Designs and specifications given below are subject to change with out notice.

"BOSS" 1A & 2A Corn Grinding Mill with Diesel Engine

For Grinding of Dry materials such as wheat, Barley, Beans, Spices, Rice Cocoa, Coffee 400 Lbs P/Hr 1A (10") & 600 Lbs P/Hr for 2A(12") G.M

For Grinding of Wet and Dry materials Rice, Wheat, Maize, etc., 250 to 300Lbs P/Hr for 1A & 300 to 400Lbs P/Hr for 2A(12") G.M

6HP / 7.5 HP Motor for 1A G.M

8HP / 10 HP Motor for 2A G.M

The above Grinding Mill & Diesel Engine will be supplied with 6months Replacement spares, Foundation bolt and nuts and Rubber Belting

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1A & 2A Corn Grinding Mill
"BOSS" No.1 & No.7 Rice Huller with Polisher with Diesel Engine
Suitable for Hulling the Paddy and Polishing the Rice from one operation.

for No.1: 500 / 650lbs of Polished Rice from Paddy
for No.7: 300 / 450lbs of Polished Rice from Paddy

Req.HP: 16 & 12HP respectively
Consisting of 16/2 HP Lister Type Diesel Engine, 6 Months
Replacement Spares Foundation Bolts & Nuts & Rubber Beltings.
Note: The above Rice Huller & Diesel Engine will be supplied with 6 months Replacement spares & Rubber Belting.
Recommended Space Required: 10’ x 15’

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"BOSS" Hor. Sugarcane Crusher with Diesel Engine




Consisting of Sugar Cane Crusher, 8/1 HP Lister type Diesel Engine,
6 months replacemenst spares & Rubber Belting etc.,

Suitable for Extration of Juice from the Sugarcane Effectively and Efficiently.

Crushing capacities(apporx):
750kgs to 1000 kgs P/Hr

Req.HP: 8HP Diesel Engine.

"BOSS" Mobile Egg Incubator (Kerosene Operated)
Our Egg Incubators are the best for 99% result i.e, you can easily get good healthy chicks exactly on 21st day.

- Simple and easy to handle
-No need electricity
-Kerosene powered
-No need skilled labours

Available capacities: 60 eggs, 150 eggs & 450 eggs

Ideal for use it in the villages, where there is no electricity and those who wants to do buisness with economically cost machineries

With in a year you will have a 1,700 to 2,000 Chicks


"BOSS" 3 in 1 Potatoe Wafer Manufacturing MachineDeep Fat Frier

Consisting of Potatoe Peeling, Slicing, De-Watering Machine.

Available Capacity :
60 to 70 Kgs/hr
"BOSS" Aerated Water Manufacturing Machine

Ideal for manufacturing Aerated Water by the help of this machine.
Production: 2800 - 3200 Bottles/Day of 8 Hours Shift.
We are also Manufacturing 8000,12,000 & 20,000 Bottles Per Day of 8 Hours.

"BOSS" Soft Drinks (Pet Bottle) Manufacturing Machine


From Fitering the water to making Bottled Soft Drinks.
Available Capacities: 4000 PET Bottles Per Day of 8 Hours Shift.
We are also manufacturing another capacity of machine for 8000 Bottles Per Day of 8 Hours.

"BOSS" Vermicelli Making Machine

Consisting of Mixing Machine & Extrusion Machine.
Production Capacity: 25 to 30Kgs Per Hour ( Approx )
Req.HP: 3 / 5 respectively.
We are also Manufacturing 100Kgs Per Hour Capacity.
Total Man Power Required : 9 Un-skilled labours.
Space Required for Installation with Recommended Working Area : 9 Sq.Mtrs.
( Approx )
Open Area Required for Sun Drying: 80 Sq.Mtrs. ( Approx )

"BOSS"  Chinese Noodle Making Machine


Consisting of Mixing Machine & Extrusion Machine.
Production Capacity:
60 to 70Kgs Per Hour
( Approx )
We are also Manufacturing 85 to 90Kgs Per Hour Capacity.
Req.HP: 2HP respectively.
Total Man Power Required : 6 Un-skilled labours.

"BOSS" Mini Oil Mill Plant

Consisting of Steam Boiler, Cooking Kettle, Oil Expeller, Filter Press &
Decorticators for separating the Nuts & Seeds from the Shell.
Space Required: 30 Sq.Mtrs. is sufficient to install and operate the whole plant.
Total recommended area required for including : for Stock the Raw - material &
Finished Product : 50 Sq.Mtrs.
Suitable for Extraction of Oil from Groundnut, Coconut, Mustard,
Palmnut, Sesame, Sunflower etc.,
Total Area Required: 10 Mtrs x 12 Mtrs.
( Approx. 120Sq.Mtrs. )
Req.Man Power: 2 ( Two )
Req.HP: 10HP
Capacity : 1 Ton Per Day of 24 Hours.


"BOSS" Candle Making Machine (Manually Operated)
  Suitable for Making Candle of 8mm to 21mm thick x 160mm to 250mm Length
Capacity : 60 Nos to 250 Nos Per Cycle
( Approx. )
Man Power: 1 ( Un-skilled )
Area Required: You can install and Operate in your House itself and Approximate area required for install the unit is 3 ½ ’ x 2’ is more than enough
Power: NO Power Required.

"BOSS" 2 in 1 Toilet & Detergent Soap Making Machine
Consisting of One Mixing and Extrusion machine in the same unit.
Capacity: 100Kgs Per Hour ( Approx )
Req.HP: 2 HP Single Phase, Electric Motor.
Req.Man Power: 1 ( Un-skilled )
Dimension : 300mm x 220mm x 1300mm ( Approx )
Req.Space: You can install and Operated in your house itself.

"BOSS" Arica Leaf Plate Making Machine
  Suitable for manufacturing different sizes and shapes of Plates from the Areca Leaf.
Ideal for Beach Resorts, Restaurants, Eating Outlets, Carnivals etc.,
Shapes of the Plates: in Hexogonal / Rectangular / Round ..
Sizes: 4 “ to 12” Dia. For Round Plate.
4” to 10” for Hexogonal Shape Plate.
Space Required: 10’ x 10’ is more than enough.
Man Power: 1 Operator + 1 Helper.
Production Capacity Per machine: 240 Plates Per Day of 8 Hours.
Recommended for purchase of Min. 3 Machines,. so that you can make the three different Sizes / Shapes of Plates immediately.

"BOSS" Manual Operated Concrete Block Making Machine
Suitable for making Concrete Hollow Block.
Capacity : 300 Blocks / 8 Hrs. Shift.

"BOSS" Tilting Gas Heated Pan

Ideal for manufacturing Tomato Sauce and Paste, Jam & Jelly, Milk Heating, Frying and Mixing, Roasting of Spices, Ice Cream Mix, Juice Heating And Concentration
And very much suitable for yam pounding
Pan Capacity : 30, 60, 120, 150, 225, 300Ltrs

"BOSS" Hand Driven Roaster

Suitable for roasting of Coffee, Nut, Spices, red Chilly etc.,
Brum Capacity : 5Kgs & 15 kgs
Fuel : Fire wood/Charcoal


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